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Regain control with KARE
Ketamine for the Reduction of Alcohol Relapse

Alcohol Use Disorder is a devastating condition that affects approximately 285 million people globally and results in more than 5% of all deaths. Despite the significant prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) – which has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic – treatment is frequently antiquated, hard to come by, and often ineffective. Alcohol Use Disorder, for example, affects 5% of the adult population, of whom only 16% are treated and of those, 75% relapse within 12 months*.

* Source: "Treatment rates for alcohol use disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis" by Tesfa Mekonen.

At Be the Change in Mental Health (BTC), we use the KARE program to offer hope to those struggling with AUD. Through clinical trials, the KARE program has demonstrated that Ketamine-assisted Therapy has the potential to be more effective than any Alcohol Use Disorder treatment currently available.

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"I can truly say I was still struggling with alcohol cravings when I first came .... I was staying sober and taking antibuse daily but there were many days where I couldn’t get my mind off of alcohol. My first ketamine experience was so out of body but I connected to something bigger and I had this realization that life was bigger than alcohol and bigger than escaping.

After that first visit and with continued ketamine therapy, I have not had even a small craving for alcohol. I can't tell you the relief of not having to white knuckle ever again. My mind can think about other things!"


Disclaimer: Treatments provided by BTC do not constitute a detox program or substitute for residential comprehensive treatment for severe substance use disorders. For individuals struggling with severe alcohol dependency, it is imperative to understand that abruptly ceasing alcohol consumption can pose significant risks. Delirium Tremens (DTs), a severe withdrawal syndrome, typically manifests 48-72 hours after the last drink and necessitates intensive hospital care to prevent seizures and potential fatality. Quitting alcohol can be deadlier than quitting heroin, and withdrawal from alcohol without proper medical supervision can be life-threatening. At BTC in Mental Health, we specialize in providing treatments tailored for individuals who have successfully completed supervised detoxification programs. Our treatment constitutes the next phase of the extensive journey toward complete recovery from Alcohol Use Disordern (AUD).

What is KARE at BTC?

KARE is a structured, 4-week outpatient protocol that combines the power of psychedelic insights with rigorous psychotherapy. We recommend KARE for individuals who have courageously ceased alcohol consumption. This program plays a crucial role in the success of recovery from AUD, thanks to its efficacy as a relapse prevention program and a tool for maintaining abstinence. Recognizing the complexity of AUD and the uniqueness of each person's journey, we encourage you to reach out to us. Initiating a dialogue will allow us to evaluate whether one of our tailored programs is the right fit for you.

Awakn Phase II A/B Results Study »

Ketamine for the Reduction of Alcohol Relapse = KARE

Our KARE program, a clinically validated approach, combines psychotherapy with sessions assisted by ketamine[1]. This program has been proven to be multiple times more effective than traditional alcohol treatment at a fraction of the cost of many in-patient programs[2].

AWAKN Life Sciences Corp

Transformative Power of Ketamine

Addiction – like anxiety, depression, and PTSD – is based on patterns of behavior established in the brain. At BTC, we utilize Ketamine as an adjunct to psychotherapy to first disrupt the brain circuits that underlie these unhelpful patterns.

By weakening the neural connections linked to harmful thought patterns, we are then able to use psychotherapy to open the door for clients to rewrite constructive alternatives and permanently change their patterns. This is the KARE process that leads to ongoing alcohol abstinence and new response patterns to life's triggers.


With the KARE program, our psychotherapists work in conjunction with Ketamine in order to induce conditions that allow relearning of emotional responses. This enables the patient to learn new, more adaptive ways to respond to addictive urges, cravings and the underlying processes that drive them. Our psychotherapists engage clients with root causes of their addiction, and by focusing on circuit mechanisms, not receptors, our approach with the KARE Program can allow the individual to escape from repetitive addictive behaviors and thoughts, and in doing so enables durable, positive change with the end result being a reduction in relapse.


This is an entirely cutting edge and innovative approach to mental health, where we are moving from simply supportive care towards permanent cure.

How KARE Works at BTC

Our highly experienced clinicians deliver a 7-session program over 4 weeks in a safe, medically supervised, tranquil environment.

  • Comprehensive Program - All treatments received include preparation work, ketamine administration, and most importantly psychotherapy. Ketamine-assisted Therapy facilitates psychological breakthroughs and lasting behavioral change. Our psychotherapists are with you throughout the entire process to help you examine and understand the underlying issues of your relationship with alcohol. This is one of the main point and reason for success of KARE.
  • Lower Cost & Greater Efficacy - KARE offers the reduction of alcohol relapse under evidence-based medically researched protocol. At BTC, our KARE Program costs a fraction of traditional post treatment center care with a much higher rate of success[3].
  • Greater Convenience - At BTC, our outpatient treatment program is complete in seven sessions, executed over four weeks, allowing you to fit treatments into your schedule with more efficiency.

Some common treatment options often yield limited long-term success in overcoming substance addiction. Ketamine provides a pathway into consciousness, in order to explore the root causes of addictive patterns. When combined with psychotherapy, a client can reframe their personal narrative and powerful insights, which can lead to profound breakthroughs with highly durable, positive, outcomes.

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Break-free from AUD

BTC KARE Program is a 6 Step Process.

Step 1
Medical Exam

Our Medical staff reviews your medical history and medications to evaluate if you are a candidate for Ketamine-assisted Therapy through the KARE program.

Step 2
Psychological Assessment

The primary purpose of the psychological assessment is to determine an individual's mental health status and identify any potential issues. It's important to note that at no point in the process is anyone judging you. Rather, our therapists are working to give the most appropriate treatment recommendations.

Step 3

Ketamine-assisted Therapy is a unique treatment, unlike any you may have experienced. Your therapist will work with you in order for you to be able to create a vivid mental image of a life without the binds of AUD.

Step 4
Ketamine-assisted Sessions

BTC's KARE program consists of 7 sessions over 4 weeks. Of the 7 sessions, 3 include the use of Ketamine. Our treatments take place in the nurturing and peaceful environment within our clinic and under medical monitoring at all times. Your therapist will remain with you throughout the entire process. Curated music will assist in your journey and a soft eye mask will enable your experience to be completely internal.

Step 5
Psychotherapy and Integration

During these sessions, our psychotherapists hold space in order to share about your medicine experience, as well as how you could benefit from integrating it into your life. Intentions are set on how to continue building on the therapeutic gains moving forward. As a team, you and your therapist will develop intentions to address life's challenges, nurture your own well being and mental wellness, and plan for other essential resources to manage your new understanding of your relationship with alcohol.

Step 6

At BTC we offer customizable additional work on an individual basis. And/or if a patient does not have a therapist to continue with integration, a psychotherapist at BTC will work with them to continue with this process and assist in finding a suitable therapist match. The KARE program is a transformative process, but complete healing may take ongoing support.




Q. Is this covered by insurance?

While the entire program may not be covered by insurance, we will provide a superbill (also known as an itemized list of services to submit to your insurance company) for all therapy sessions. A total of 10 hours of therapy will be provided, which may be reimbursable depending on your insurance policy.

Q. What is the cost of AUD Treatment at BTC?

Our Freedom Program which uses the KARE Program is $9,950 or $788 for 12 months (excluding medical intake and if approved by CareCredit).

Q. What is the cost of the Medical Intake and Psychological Assessment?

All participants must begin with consultations inclusive of a Psychological Assessment and Medical Exam to determine eligibility & treatment options ($450).

Q. Do I have to have a medical exam and psychological assessment?

Yes. Our Medical staff reviews your medical history and medications to evaluate if you are a candidate for Ketamine-assisted Therapy through the KARE Program, and our psychological assessment is to determine an individual's mental health status and identify any potential issues in order to give the most appropriate treatment recommendations.

Q. What is the evidence that Ketamine works in the treatment of AUD?

The therapy and dosing regimen delivered in our clinics for people with alcohol problems was developed and tested through Awakn Life Sciences' clinical trials for KARE (Ketamine in the Reduction of Alcoholic Relapse).

These trials showed ketamine-assisted therapy delivered 86% abstinence at 6 months post-treatment, significantly more than the approximate 25% abstinence in the standard treatment. Trial participants also experienced significant improvement in liver function and a substantial decrease in depression.

Anecdotally, many participants also reported sudden profound changes and ease of giving up after struggling for years. The results were published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in January 2022.

Because psychedelic-assisted therapy is effective at addressing underlying traumas that are linked to harmful repetitive thinking patterns, it presents the possibility of addressing a wide range of mental health issues rooted in trauma. Click here for details of clinical trial outcomes.

Q. What are the next steps?

Call BTC today to schedule an appointment at (707) 800-7568 or click here.

After speaking with our supportive staff, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for the treatment. The eligibility criteria being met are a critical step in the process. We will then request your general practitioner's records to ensure the eligibility criteria are correct. Our medical team will review this and then contact you for an initial assessment or to inform you that, unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you this treatment. Following the invitation, the initial psychological assessment will determine if Ketamine-assisted Therapy is right for you. You will then begin the KARE Program. Our process is streamlined to begin your journey to freedom from AUD efficiently and effectively.

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The Power of Ketamine Therapy





Freedom - Outpatient AUD Treatment

Freedom is an intensive outpatient program designed to treat Alcohol use Disorder (AUD). This program is a customized treatment plan for patients who are looking to break free of the bonds of AUD.

$788 for 12 months
(excluding medical intake and if approved by CareCredit)


$9,500 total

Are you an Addiction Treatment Center?

At Be the Change in Mental Health, we understand the critical importance of effective addiction treatment and the challenges that come with finding sustainable recovery solutions. Our collaboration with Addiction Treatment Centers is built on a shared commitment to revolutionize the treatment landscape for individuals battling addiction and especially AUD. By providing medically supervised Ketamine-assisted Therapy and comprehensive outpatient support, we aim to build the road from inpatient/residential recovery to long-term sobriety in regular life.

Our focus on addiction like Alcohol Use Disorder stems from its significant impact on individuals and communities, underscored by high prevalence and relapse rates. We recognize that the journey does not end upon discharge from a treatment center. That is why we have developed a highly effective, durable alternative to conventional treatment methods, which may not completely address the deep-seated issues contributing to addiction.

By partnering with us, Treatment Centers can extend their continuum of care, ensuring that patients have access to an innovative outpatient program that complements the foundations laid during residential treatment. Our Ketamine-assisted Therapy program is designed to support patients in maintaining abstinence, offering a new pathway to treat addiction more effectively.

We invite you to join us in this collaborative effort to provide your patients with the support they need to succeed in their sobriety journey. Enroll your patients with us, and let's work together to create a customized plan that supports their recovery process and upholds their freedom from addiction. Together, we can be the change in mental health, offering hope and healing to those in need in Northern California.



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