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At Be the Change in Mental Health, we are on a mission to transform lives and create a world where mental health is a priority. Your support is crucial in helping us achieve this goal. This Marketing Portal is designed to make it easy for individuals and companies to join us in spreading awareness, breaking stigma, and fostering a culture of mental well-being. Of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need additional material.

How YOU can make a difference

Download the marketing material from this page:
Access our marketing materials, including logos, graphics, and flyers, ready to be shared online or printed for your office. Our professionally crafted visuals are designed to resonate with a diverse audience, making it simple for you to amplify our message.

Spread the word online:
Leverage the power of social media! Download shareable content to post on your platforms, encouraging your network to join the movement. Tag us using #BeTheChangeInMentalHealth, and let's create a digital wave of support for mental health!

Incorporate in your office:
Infuse your physical space with our mission! Download and display flyers, banners, and other materials in your workplace to create a mental health-friendly environment. Encourage open conversations and let everyone know they are not alone. We can also do the printing for you such as rackcards and other.

Customize for your brand:
Tailor our marketing material to align with your brand identity. Feel free to add your logo and personalize the content while maintaining the essence of our cause. Our team can also customize graphics for you to include your company or organization's information and logo. Simply ask us!

Be the Change in Mental Health Logo with abstract graphic of blue brain as BTC focuses of the mind's health

Logos and colors In this ZIP folder are our logo variants featuring a white background, transparent background, graphic-only version, and color scheme details.

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Screenshot of two-page brochure for BTC. Click to enlarge and view the actual PDF

Printing Material This compressed ZIP folder contains diverse flyers suitable for printing in your office, including a brochure and an overview of our non-profit organization.

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Social Media Within this ZIP folder, you will find a range of graphic options and images designed for use on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

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Email marketing Contained in this ZIP folder are various versions of copywriting suitable for email campaigns or individual email send-outs.

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Supporting Mike's Fundraiser Inside this ZIP folder, you will find pictures, flyers, and text materials that can be utilized to advertise Mike's Fundraiser at BTC.

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