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Welcome to Wellness Watch, Windows Health Clinic - Be The Change's monthly newsletter that shines a spotlight on the ever-evolving landscape of mental health and well-being. In an era where awareness and understanding of mental health issues are more crucial than ever, our newsletter aims to be your trusted source of information About Windows Health Clinic - Be The Change and mental health, inspiration, and change.

We hope that our newsletter is a window into the diverse and interconnected facets of mental health, from the latest research and treatment options to personal stories of triumph and resilience.

Renewal and Rejuvenation APRIL 2024
We have been busy. From the launch of KARE for AUD & opening enrollment for June Treatment for First Responders, lots of work but so many great things!
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Women Only Retreats! MARCH 2024
We focused on organizing women-only healing retreats for 2024, for professional women seeking balance between their careers and personal well-being.
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We are growing! FEBRUARY 2024
The first month of 2024 saw our office bustling with daily positive updates. There is a palpable sense of excitement, and our organization is growing!
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What a year we had! JANUARY 2024
We wrapped up 2023 on a very productive note, and there are numerous groundbreaking opportunities and events to look forward to in 2024. Happy New Year!
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We are Gaining Momentum! DECEMBER 2023
Momentum is gaining, and our organization is increasingly recognized as a leader in mental health. The team is excited about what the future holds for BTC, and our supporters are on the rise. Thank you everyone!
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Our first newsletter! NOVEMBER 2023
This month we are giving updates on First Responders and Veterans' fundraiser, Dr. Marisha Chilcott's speaking engagements, new collaborations, and much more.
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