Fundraiser for Veteran Mike

We are on a mission to help veteran Mike, an accomplished veteran struggling with PTSD and in need of a durable and effective solution.

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Let us introduce you to a remarkable individual, Mike, an esteemed Veteran who proudly served as a Marine Rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines from 2001 to 2005, completing two deployments in Iraq. He stands as a symbol of resilience for Veterans across our nation, bravely confronting mental health challenges that arise from their dedicated service to our country.

This Veteran's journey back from combat was challenging, as he puts it: "My body returned, but my mind and spirit were still in the city of Fallujah for many years." His return consisted of a dedication to his mental health and physical well being. He focused on becoming an accomplished athlete while working as a Readjustment Counselor and helping fellow combat veterans make positive changes in their own lives. Yet PTSD still affects his life and remains a daily struggle for him to navigate.

Our goal at BTC, is to provide this Veteran relief and an arsenal of tools to overcome the PTSD plaguing his life. Your donation will make it possible to provide this Veteran with multiple weeks of Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy. This will be his springboard into mental wellness, a place free from the stranglehold of PTSD. Healing PTSD, anxiety and the other bi-products of mental health illnesses will allow him and his family to move forward in life with joy, peace and relief.

In Mike's own words
"... dare to dream big and crush the limits we have set for ourselves..."

Mike serves as an inspiration to all of us at BTC, demonstrating the importance of mental wellness in a world burdened by trauma. We want to help this Veteran, as we do for all Veterans, heal.

Please help us provide treatment for this Veteran Avatar!

Video about Transitions from War

We also invite you to explore his website to learn more about Mike.

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Mike Ergo - US Military Veteran finishing an IronMan competition