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We need $500,000 to provide crucial mental health support to veterans, first responders, and victims of sexual violence or abuse. Help us reach our fundraising goal! Your donations are tax deductible and it is rewarding to support a meaningful initiative such as mental health. JOIN THE BTC MOVEMENT!

Each and every dollar, as well as every share, truly makes a meaningful impact!

At Be the Change in Mental Health, our commitment is unwavering: to extend our helping hand to as many Victims of Sexual Violence, First Responders, Veterans, and Trauma Victims as possible. But we cannot achieve this vital mission alone – we need your support!

By donating to BTC, you become a pivotal part of our endeavor to bolster the well-being of individuals who desperately need mental health services but face financial constraints.

Your donations serve as the cornerstone of our efforts to enhance the accessibility and affordability of mental health services to those in need. Be a beacon of hope for those who have selflessly protected us. Your donation is more than a contribution; it is a testament to the power of compassion and solidarity. Together, let's be the change we wish to see in the world.

Join the BTC movement and donate today!

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Image compilation highlights various fire responders, including a firefighter, a female police officer, a female paramedic, helicopter first responders, and a close-up of a policeman's cap