Firefighters Battling Flames

Ketamine Therapy – Hope for Firefighters Battling Trauma

Emergency and medical professionals refer to traumatic events as “critical incidents.” On average, it is believed individuals may encounter two to three such incidents during their lifetime.

Studies indicate that over the span of their careers, emergency personnel might face upwards of 180 critical incidents. It is well documented that firefighters  exhibit significantly higher rates of mental health issues compared to the general population. These challenges include an increased risk of PTSD, substance misuse, and suicide, underscoring the high stakes of their work during critical moments of vulnerability.

The emerging support for psychedelic, assisted treatments as potential solutions for mental health challenges, is offering hope for firefighters. Though some may be initially skeptical, their perspective often changes upon discovering that prominent organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Department of Veterans Affairs are backing research into psychedelics, including ketamine which we offer at Be the Change in Mental Health, with the VA announcing funding for studies on MDMA and psilocybin therapies this year.

We would love to speak with you if you are a firefighter or if you are the family of one of these heroes who might be suffering. At BTC, we offer Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD—a treatment not officially sanctioned by the FDA but legally available in clinical settings like ours. Time is often of the essence so call us today at (707) 800-7568 to start the conversation.