PRESS RELEASE – Windows Health Corporation Creates Alliance with Be The Change in Mental Health to Expand Access to Innovative Mental Health Services

Santa Rosa, CA – May 20, 2024 – Windows Health Corporation is thrilled to announce its alliance with Be The Change in Mental Health (BTC), a California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation, to extend its reach in providing innovative mental health services in Northern California.

“Windows Health Corporation is pleased to have found a partner who shares our ideals and mission to provide access to innovative mental health practices to Northern California and beyond,” said Michael Ignaffo, MBA, CEO & Co-Founder of Windows Health Corporation. “The association with BTC empowers us to expand our services to a broader audience, ensuring that quality mental health care is accessible to everyone.”

Nate Lowry, MD, Medical Director & Co-Founder of Windows echos the sentiment, “We are excited about this partnership and what it means for our collective ability to provide meaningful treatment to such a deserving population!”

BTC has been a beacon of hope for those seeking transformative mental health care, dedicated to excellence by delivering cutting-edge, life-saving therapy, and is committed to expanding access to these impactful treatments. This partnership aligns perfectly with the vision of both organizations, fostering a collaborative approach to mental health care.

“Be the Change in Mental Health and Windows Health Clinic have formed an alliance that we anticipate will allow us all to flourish and continue to support the dream of providing excellent, innovative mental health services to our community.” said Marisha Chilcott, MD, CEO, Founder & Medical Director of Be The Change in Mental Health.

The Windows expansion into a second location not only highlights their commitment to mental health accessibility but also marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between innovative mental health services and those who need them most. By leveraging BTC’s experience and innovative approach along with its own cutting edge ideals, Windows Health can help make a substantial difference in the community. Both Windows Health Corporation and BTC believe strongly in increasing accessibility to psychotherapy, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from quality mental health care.

About Windows Health Corporation

Windows Health Corporation opened its first clinic in Cotati, CA, on June 1, 2023, and has enjoyed consistent growth throughout its first year. The  company believes in and is committed to increasing accessibility to psychotherapy. With the expansion into a second location in Santa Rosa, CA, in May 2024, Windows Health Corporation continues to fulfill its mission of making quality mental health care available to a broader audience.

About Be The Change in Mental Health

Be The Change in Mental Health (BTC) is a California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation dedicated to transforming the landscape of mental healthcare through innovative and scientifically-backed approaches. BTC’s mission is to provide accessible, state-of-the-art therapy that makes a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.

Contact Information:

Michael Ignaffo
CEO/Founder, Windows Health Corporation

For more information about our company and the services offered, please visit Windows Health Corporation’s website.

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