Exciting News: Be the Change in Mental Health Expands to Larkspur, California!

We are THRILLED to announce the expansion of Be the Change in Mental Health with the opening of our new outpatient mental health clinic in Larkspur, California! This satellite location will extend our mental health services to the Bay Area and especially Marin County, providing broader access to our proven individual and group Ketamine-assisted Therapy.

At BTC Larkspur, our team of medical doctors and licensed therapists will deliver evidence-based, medically researched therapies designed to assist both adults and teenagers. In fact, one of our team members at BTC Larkspur specializes in Ketamine Therapy for teens and adolescents. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and specialize in treating various populations, including first responders, veterans, teenagers, and survivors of abuse both women and men.

Our modalities include Ketamine-assisted Therapy and TMS, aimed at addressing mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Alcohol Use Disorder. Rest assured, all of our treatments adhere to scientifically proven protocols and comply with the regulations set forth by the Department of Justice, the California Board of Medicine, and Lykos Therapeutics (formerly known as MAPS).

BTC Larkspur offers both individual and group therapy utilizing Ketamine-assisted Therapy. Each patient undergoes a thorough initial consultation by a medical doctor followed by a consultation with a licensed therapist to tailor the treatment approach to their specific needs.

Join us in welcoming Julane Andries to the BTC Team at our Larkspur location!

Julane AndriesJulane Andries, a practicing psychotherapist specializing in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy, brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a background in acute care medicine and decades of innovative therapy techniques, Julane is a pioneer in the field. She has been involved in groundbreaking research, including the MAPS Phase 3 study on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for severe PTSD.

Julane’s dedication extends beyond her clinical practice; she co-founded the non-profit Ketamine Research Foundation, focusing on practitioner training and data collection. She has also been instrumental in developing new protocols for KAP in various settings, including for individuals with life-threatening illnesses and postpartum depression.

As part of her commitment to excellence, Julane offers treatments for a range of conditions, including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and wellness transformation utilizing Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy. Her specialization in treating teens, victims of violence and trauma, and groups utilizing KAP makes her an invaluable addition to our BTC Larkspur outpatient clinic.

Ready to embark on your journey to mental wellness? Book an appointment at BTC Larkspur today by calling (707) 800-7568.

BTC Larkspur
5 Bon Air Rd #110
Larkspur, CA 94939

We look forward to serving the Larkspur community and beyond, providing compassionate care and transformative therapies to those in need.

Together, let’s Be the Change in Mental Health!