Getting mentally healthy and reconnecting with loved ones

Embarking on a journey towards mental health is akin to planting a garden. It requires patience, care, and a nurturing touch, but the blooms that follow are vibrant and life-affirming. For many, the path to mental wellness is not just about healing oneself; it’s also about rekindling the flames of love and connection with those who matter most. Just imagine the joyous reunion with loved ones and the fulfillment of living your life to its fullest, buoyed by happiness and mental health… Just imagine…

The first step: Seeking help at BTC!

The decision to seek treatment is the seed from which growth begins. It’s a testament to strength, not a sign of weakness. Justin, a BTC patient, shares his turning point: “This journey, while challenging, led me to let go of the immense burden I had been carrying.”

The healing process: A time for growth

Healing typically unfolds gradually, demanding both time and patience. However, Ketamine-assisted Therapy consistently demonstrates a significantly swifter enhancement in an individual’s mental health. It involves confronting fears, mending past hurts, and learning new ways to cope with the assistance of one of our qualified therapist and Ketamine therapy.. Stacy describes this period: “This process changed my life. I was at a point that nothing was working for my depression or anxiety.”

Reconnecting and living life to its fullest

The most beautiful part of this journey? Reconnecting with loved ones, your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, … your loved ones. With mental health comes the clarity to appreciate life’s nuances. And there’s newfound resilience. The journey to mental health isn’t a solitary trek.


For anyone standing at the threshold of seeking help, remember: your journey is unique, and so is your healing. There’s a world of joy waiting on the other side, with loved ones ready to welcome you back with open arms. Reconnecting isn’t just about rediscovering old bonds; it’s about forming new, deeper connections, rooted in a shared understanding and compassion. At Be the Change in Mental Health, we are ready to answer your questions and get you started on your journey to mental health and a fulfilling life. So, take that first step and call us at (707) 800-7568!

Reconnecting and living YOUR life to its fullest